About the Club

Welcome to Florida International University S.C.U.B.A Club home page. The F.I.U. Scuba Cat Club is a student organization under F.I.U. Sports Clubs made up of certified divers, including undergraduate, graduate, and alumni students. Our mission is to organize F.I.U. divers to enjoy recreational diving while supporting causes and initiatives to protect and maintain the underwater sea world in our Florida State reefs.

 Our club meets when required for updates, seminars, social events, or dive planning as required, mainly in  main campus (check calendar of events). Member dues are $45 for a semester. The Scuba club sponsors at least 8 dive trips every semester (weather permitting) to places like Jupiter, West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Miami Beach, and the Florida Keys. Each dive trip usually consists of two dives either in the mornings or afternoons. Our membership dues help further the mission of the club, pay for club sponsored dives and the purchase of SCUBA equipment which will be available for all club members based on availability. Members also get to dive paying a special discounted rate saving at least $20 on every dive.            

 If you are not currently a certified diver, looking for advanced certification, or have not been diving in a long time and wanting a refresher class, we can help you! FIU offers the best diving education with its very own top of the line FIU SCUBA Diving Program which runs every semester! Alternatively, the club can assist you finding other alternatives.

South Florida is one of the world’s top spots for diving year round, so take advantage of our location with FIU SCUBA Cats Club!

Come dive with us!

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