Blue Heron Bridge ( !! After Final !! :] ) Shore Dive 4/27/13

Saterday April 27, 2013

This Event is FREE!!


Phil Foster Park
900 E. Blue Heron Boulevard,
Riviera Beach, Florida 33404


Arrive at 9:00 AM
In water by ~ 10:30 AM

!!!!! It is very important that you arrive on time there is only a small window of time that is ideal for diving at this place.

Dive Plan

Dive 1
Max depth: 20 ft
Dive time:    60 – 80 min

Blue Heron Bridge:

Some of the best dive sites for fish watching are in the least obvious places. The Blue Heron Bridge in Palm Beach, Florida, is one such biological hotspot. This is a top dive destination for sighting unusual species that can be added to your life list. The dive sites consist of a variety of eco-niches such as sand, shell rubble, sea grass, algae hydroid fields, sailboat mooring lines and anchors and of course bridge pilings and concrete rubble. The Blue Heron Bridge has over 282 species recorded in the REEF database and the number is increasing monthly. The actual dive site is a local county park named Phil Foster Park that is protected with a no-take ordinance. All dives are shore-based and must be timed with the high tide. The dive can be safely done by entering the water one hour before high tide and exiting one hour after high tide. Depths range from 8 -17 feet and the water is usually clear even if the off-shore ocean is rough.

If you require equipment please let us know. You will need to have a full set of scuba gear to dive.

Please if you are plannign to attend, complete the form below.

To Contact Eduardo please click on the following link to go to his facebook page

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