Fall 2011 Dive Schedule

Beach dives can be planned at any given time pending good weather conditions!


09/04/2011 — Miami Wreck & Reef (Open Water) Dive #1

09/14/2011  — Twighlight Princess Britney Wreck & Night Reef Dive  (advanced) Dive #2

09/17/2011  — Dania Beach Pier Clean-Up & Beach Dive! International Coastal Clean-Up day;  the pier will be closed of us to search under it for debris. (we have a prize for the diver who picks up the most trash) Postponed due to a new permit requirement which was not fufilledJoin us later this Saturday for the FIU Tailgate 3 pm and game (FIU vs. UCF ) 6pm.  


10/1/2011 —  Time: 3 PM. Join us later this Saturday for the FIU HOMECOMING Panthermonium Gameday Tailgate and game (FIU vs. Duke).

Monday 10/10/11 Twighlight Blue Fire Wreck & Reef dive (biscayne) #3

 10/23/11 Sunday –  Double Reef in miami & key biscayne Open water Dive #4 

10/27-31/2011 Thur-Mon — Dive & Travel Show!  Great speakers and raffle prizes! During the Ft Lauderdale International Boat Show.

10/29/2011 Saturday— Neptune Memorial Reef (Halloween Dive at the underwater burial site) [man hunt game, free dive prize] (Wear your underwater costume!) Dive #5


11/5/2011 — Hurricane Hole Marina and Restaurant, Key West, FL (REEF.ORG  lionfish derby)

11/19-20/2011 — Beach Dives  (cancelled due to weather conditions)


12/19-22/2011 Scuba trip to the florida springs! Swim with the manantees (Basic & advanced) Dive# 6, 7 & 8

[All dives may be canceled due to unsafe marine forecast weather]


12/31/2011 Official end date of the Fall Semester for the SCUBA CLUB

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