Spring 2012 Dive Schedule

Spring Schedule is being generated on a monthly basis, please share any special diving request at fiuscubacats@gmail.com or on our facebook page

Beach dives can be planned at any given time pending good weather conditions!


01/10-11/2012 – CSO Club Fair

01/18/2012 –  First General Meeting for the FIU SCUBA CAT CLUB: Wednesday 5 pm at Rec Center Conference room 102 (gym)

01/22/2012 -[Sunday]   Dive #1 beach dive and/or snorkel commercial beach Blvd


02/05/2012 – Dive#2 Belcher Barge Wreck [Open Water Charter] Register now on the members tab!

02/17/2012 – [Friday] Kayak after dark http://calendar.fiu.edu/events/view/8950 (sign up in advance)

02/18/2012 – [Saturday] SUDS Fundraiser at the Miami International Boat Show @ 6 pm.

For more info, please visit: https://www.facebook.com/events/225582570847736/

02/19/2012 – Dive#3 Key largo/Islamorada reefs

02/25/2012 – [Saturday] Kayak Day on the Bay http://calendar.fiu.edu/events/view/8943


03/04/2012 – Dive#4 We will be changing the flags on the Duane and Spiegal Groove (advanced dive)

03/17/2012 – Dive #5 Dania Beach Dive/ BBQ (celebration end of spring break and St. Patty’s day!)


04/13/2012-04/15/2012 – Dive#6-#10 Dive-a-Thon (Open Water Dive)

Not a member, but interested in the Dive-a-Thon? -Contact us at fiuscubacats@gmail.com

04/29/2012 – Dive#11-Final Dive of the semester ” Wreck Trek after Finals” C – One, and Deep Trench

[All dives may be canceled due to unsafe marine forecast weather]


REEF.ORG  lionfish derby when organized

4/30/2011 Official end date of the Spring Semester for the SCUBA CLUB

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