Belcher Barge Spring 2012 Dive #2

Sunday Feb 5, 2012
You MUST register/pay for the dive before Tuesday  02/3/12

 Time Schedule
0730 – Briefing and Waivers
0830 – Boat Departs
1130 – Boat Returns
1200 – Debrief and lunch

Dive charter & Location

Aquatic Explorers
3301 Rickenbacker Causeway
Key Biscayne, Florida 33149
(305) 851.8180 or (305) 807.2857

How to get there:

Map it

Approximate Number of Proposed Divers

Required Diving Qualification
Open Water Certification

Dive Site

Belcher Barge # 27, which is a 195 foot long steel barge sunk in November 29, 1985.

Although it sits upside-down at 58 feet it does offer more experience
divers (with lights please) the opportunity to swim its length through twelve 3X4 foot holes. Everyone will enjoy the wreck wich has a bunch of marine creatures including rays, grouper and many more tropical fish!

For the second dive of the day, we will leave it up to the weather and judgement of the captain to recommend the most ideal diving site for the day; these could be: Shamrock a 120 feet long troop landing vessel with a 16 foot profile off a 45 foot bottom, or a coral reef, such as schoolmaster ledge, Key Biscayne Reefs, or Emerald Reef.

Dont forget! Lets get some lionfish and trash out of the water, we have prizes for the most amount of trash & lionfish caught during the semester!

Dive Profile

Tank Mixture
AIR, 21% Oxygen Nitrox


SE wind 10 to 12 kt. A slight chance of showers. Seas 2 to 3 ft. If the Weather changes for worse, we will cancel the dive.

Boat Description and Amenities

They will provide fresh fruit, sandwiches, water, and juice pouches!
There is plenty of space  under each seat to store your dive bags!
They have a U.S.Coast Guard approved vessel.
Miami Scuba Diving Charters Aquatic Explorers New Launch of boat Explorer I

All divers will be responsible to rent or bring their own equipment including: Mask, Fins, snorkel, BC, Regulator with Pressure and Depth Gauge, Computer or timing device, tanks (with appropriate NITROX mix if applicable), and weights. Most importantly, your SCUBA CERTIFICATION CARD!

The club does have some equipment to rent at a very low rate, please contact a club officer to arrange. Availability is on a first come first come basis.

The week of the dive, we will provide you with detailed information for places you can go rent your equipment at a discounted rate if you need it.


We will be conducting an underwater activity/game during the dive which you may elect to participate in for a chance to win a FREE DIVE this semester!

Special Scuba Cat Member Rate


34.99$/diver for charter (includes any tax and crew tip!)
50.90$/ diver for charter & tanks (includes any tax and crew tip!)

These rates do not exist, they are ONLY available through the club made possible by the club membership fees!  Contact the club for any questions.

Scuba Cats, if you own your own tanks, you can fill them for free before or after the dive at Fill Express   or at Underwater Unlimited (contact your president to arrange this)

Must register before 2/3/12

Not a member? Sign up Now! Click here.
Not an FIU student, faculty or Alumni? Friends of the scuba cats can participate in all of our dives if spots on the boat are available after our club divers sign up. The cost to non-members will be 50$ for the dive charter only (including any taxes and crew tips), or 67$ for the dive charter and tanks only (including any taxes and crew tips).

 Decompression status and repetitive dive plans
All dives are planned for no decompression

Special Safety procedures
Predive Briefing
Arrangement of dive buddies. No club member can dive alone.
Dive buddy checks

Emergency Contacts

Recompression Chamber: Click here to see the list
Hospital & police:
Divers Alert Network: 1-919-684-9111

Any hazardous conditions anticipated
All divers will adhere to the Clubs Safe Diving Practices. Emergency oxygen for first aid will be available aboard the boat, and on shore dives.

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