Summer 2012

SCUBA CATS Tentative Summer Schedule for 2012:

(Summer Schedule is a tentative schedule ONLY and is subject to changes. Please share any diving requests or ideas at or on our facebook page)


05/20/2012-  Dive #1The Patricia & Army Tanks (Key Biscayne)
-Open Water


06/10/2012-  Dive #2– The Tenneco Towers & The Conception

06/10/2012-  Dive #3– Key Largo
-Open Water

06/22-24/2012-  Dive #4Whale Shark Dive, Georgia Aquarium Dive
-Open Water


• 07/04/2012-  Dive #5– Neptume memorial reef and a reef dive
-Open Water

• 07/07/2012-  Dive #6– Army Tanks
-Open Water

• 07/14/2012-  Dive #7 Vanderberg

07/10/2012-  Dive #8– Neptune Memorial
-Open Water


08/10/2012-  Dive #9– Disney’s Epcot Dive Quest (Orlando, FL) (date subject to change)
-Open Water

•  08/11/2012-  Dive #10– Jupiter
-Open Water/Advanced

08/18/2012-  Dive #11– Beach Dive + End of Season BBQ
-Open Water

Official Summer Term is from April 30th- August 18th, 2012.

[All dives may be canceled due to unsafe marine forecast weather]

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