Patricia Wreck and Army Tanks – 5/20/12

The Patricia and Army Tanks

Date: 5/20/2012

The Club will be officially starting the summer with an amazing dive. Our Friends from Aquatic Explorers will be taking us on the morning of the 20th of May to the The Patricia (55’) and the Army Tanks (45’)- both dive site are rated for Open water divers.

Day’s Schedule 

8:00 AM – Arrival, Check in, Waivers and Briefing
9:00 AM – Boat Departs
11:30 AM – Boat Returns
12:00 PM – Debriefing
Dive Charter and Location
Aquatic Explorers
3301 Rickenbacker Causeway
Key Biscayne, Florida 33149
(305) 807-2857
Require Number of Proposed Divers
10 to 15
Required Diving Qualification
Open water Certification
Dive Sites
The Patricia and The Army Tanks.
The Patricia is a steel tug that was sunk in 1990. The tug is mostly intact with a profile rising 20 feet from the sandy bottom at 53 feet. This wreck is only 100 feet from the Karline. Also close by are the Radio Tower Pyramids and Army Tanks. The once sandy area now has a great deal of coral and marine life. This is an excellent site for photography.
The Army Tankswere  placed in 48 feet of water in June of 1994 just of Miami Beach.At the same time that the tanks were placed in this location, the Department of Environmental Resource Management (DERM) also placed 1060 tons of limerock boulders next to the tanks. The result is an area prolific with life. Lobsters are abundant both on the tanks in within the boulders, able to easily hide from their predators.Although the tanks have only been underwater for 6 years, they look as if they have been here since the last World War. They have an incredible amount of growth, including spiny oysters, sponges and both a variety of hard and soft corals.
Dive Profile
Dive 1
55 minutes dive with a max depth of 55ft
SIT: Approximately 30 to 45 minutes
Dive 2
42 minutes dive with a max depth of 45ft
Tank Mixture
Air, 21% Oxygen Nitrox

Boat Description and Amenities
They will provide fresh fruit, sandwiches, water, and juices pauches!
There is pleanty of space  under each seat to store your dive bags!
They have a U.S.Coast Guard approved vessel.
Aquatic Explorer
All divers will be responsible to rent or bring their own equipment including: Mask, Fins, Snorkle, BC, Regulator with Pressure and Depth Gauge, Computer Device, tanks (with appropriate NITROX mix if applicable), and weights.

Special Scuba Cats Member Rate 

$35 / Diver for charter (Includes Tax and tips)

$51 / Diver for Charter and tanks (Includes Tax and Tips)

These rates are through the club ONLY made possible by the membership! contact the club for any questions.

Registration Ends saturday 19, 2012 at Noon.

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