SCUBA Cats Club Bylaws

FIU SCUBA Cats club Constitution


We, the members of SCUBA Cats @ FIU, hereby associate ourselves to offer a networking portal for all S.C.U.B.A. divers at Florida International University which provides support and awareness to the current state of our oceans, S.C.U.B.A. safety, and to the S.C.U.B.A. program at Florida International University through education and underwater exploration.

Article I:          NAME

The name of this organization shall be FIU SCUBA Cats Club.

Article II:         MEMBERSHIP

Section A:  The membership of this organization shall be open to all Florida InternationalUniversitystudents, staff, administrators, and alumni who unite to promote their common interests and have a S.C.U.B.A  certification.

Section B: The Advisor of this organization shall be an FIU full-time faculty, administrator, or staff member.

Section C: The membership fee is 45$ per Academic Semester (Spring, Summer, and Fall) which will be invested towards the clubs mission.
NOTE: A current FIU student member cannot be suspended or limited to certain privileges of membership because of his/her inability to pay dues.

Section D: The first 8 members that join the club, which is also the minimum required members needed to maintain the club active, may have their membership fee waived in the event that no more than 8 eligible members join the club.

Section E: A member can be excluded or dismissed from the club due to demonstrations or acts of bad or unsafe behavior above or below the water.

Section F: Members have the right to resign from the office or the organization at any time.

Article III:        OFFICERS

Section A:  The officers (or leaders) of this organization shall be:

NOTE: Rank in order of importance.

President, Vice-president, Treasurer, Treasurer, Chief Operating Officer (COO), Dive Coordinator.

Section B:  The President, Vice-president, and Treasurer officers (or leaders)must be full or half time undergraduate or graduate students who have paid the Activity and Service fee and are in good academic standing with a minimum of 16 recorded dives.

Section C:  The Scuba Cats officers roles and responsabilites are listed as follows:


  1. Renew paperwork every year for club
  2. Ensure continuity and future of the club
  3. Oversee other members and officers
  4. Network and contact vendors for trips and discounts
  5. Set up dive events


  1. Recruitment (tabling, etc.)
  2. Hosting meetings
  3. Facebook events
  4. Fundraising
  5. Communication via email and Facebook with members
  6. Set up dive events


  1. Maintain budget (balance)
  2. Log all records (keep all receipts, purchases)
  3. Monitor club income (PayPal), creating purchase links and matching them to appropriate link on website
  4. Pay for dives
  5. Arrange purchases from FIU sports club account
  6. Keep track of active members


  1. Oversee operations and events
  2. Acquisition of gear

Dive Coordinator: 

  1. Enforce all club dive safety practices
  2. Organize club members on charter boats (pair dive buddies, buddy chekcs, etc)
  3. Make sure everyone on a trip has all the required equipment.
  4. Manage the dive manifest, and emergency contacts.
  5. Manage gear rentals.

Article IV:        MEETINGS

Section A:  The club will hold a first general meeting at the start of every semester to recruit new members and go over the planned events for the semester. Additional meetings are not required; however, the club officers will attempt to hold meeting before every dive for dive planning purposes, relevant informational lectures. The club will communicate via the official club website, email, phone, and the official clubs facebook page.

 Article V:         COMMITTEES

Section A: Standing committees can be formed in this organization at any time.

Section B:  The duties of each standing committee are specified under separate numbers stating its name, composition, manner of selection, and duties.


Robert Rules of Order shall be used in all situations not covered by provisions of this constitution.

Article VII:      AMENDMENTS

Section A:  Amendment to this constitution shall be submitted to (the president and/or committee) in writing for submission to the members for a vote.

Section B:  A majority vote of organizational members for members present at a specified meeting shall suffice for adoption.

Section C:  A copy of new amendments is to be given to the Student Activities Department no later than one week after adoption.  The amendment will be placed in the clubs permanent file.

Article IV:        SCUBA DIVES TRIPS

Section A:  All club members must abide by the written club safety diving practices approved by FIU’s Dive Safety Officer.

Section B:  A dive plan for all dives will be provided to the club members prior to a club sponsored dive.

Section C:  All club members must pay the special club rate for the club sponsored dives to sign up for the dives at least one week in advance.

Section D: If a dive is cancelled, all participating divers will get reimbursed. Divers that cancel or do not show up for the dive they signed up and paid for will not get their money back as this affects the dive rates for other club members.

Section E: The amount of dives offered every semester will depend on the number of active members in the club, and the available funds to support the clubs mission.


Article VIII.        Compliance with the Hazing Law

Section 1.
To comply with the Florida Statute pertaining to hazing, this organization agrees to abide by the following Florida International University policy: Any group or individual action or activity that inflicts or intends to inflict physical or mental harm or discomfort or which may demean, disgrace, or degrade any person, regardless of location, intent, or consent of participant(s). Although hazing is related to a person’s initiation or admission into, or affiliation with, a student group or organization, it is not necessary to have direct proof that a person’s initiation or continued membership is contingent upon participation in the activity for a charge of hazing to be upheld. The actions of either active or associate members (pledges) of an organization may be considered hazing. Hazing includes, but is not limited to:

1.   Interference with a student’s academic performance.

2.   Forced consumption of any food, alcohol, controlled substances, drugs, or any other substance.

3.   Forced physical activity.

4.   Deprivation of food or sleep.

5.   Kidnapping, including restricting a person to move about in free and lawful manner.

6.  Physical abuse of any nature.

7.   Performing personal chores or errands.

8.   Verbal abuse or degradation, including yelling or demands.

9.   Assigning or endorsing pranks (e.g., stealing, harassing other organizations, defacing property, etc.).

10. Any action or threatened action that would subject the individual to embarrassment, humiliation or mental distress, including the use of demeaning names.

11.       Any other acts or intended acts, which constitute hazing pursuant to § 1006.63 Florida Statutes.


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