Feature Creature Dive

Sunday      8/7/2011

7:30 am (check in and sign waivers)
8:00 am (boat departs with or without you)

Dive Charter  Location

Captain Slate’s Atlantis Dive Center
51 Garden Cove
Key Largo, FL

Approximate Number of Proposed Divers

Required Diving Qualification
Open Water, certified to 60 ft.

Dive Site

Creature Feature location & second reef

CAPTAIN SLATE’S must see dive is his world famous Creature Feature! Tamed and nurtured for over 25 years, his “pets”have been seen in over 60 TV shows, including 60 Minutes, Discovery, Animal Planet, and Ripley’s Believe It or Not.

Frazier Nivens, an Emmy award winning videographer,   videos every Creature Feature with his professional HD camera so you can take a memory of your wonderful experience home to show all. Check out the Creature Feature movie trailer!

Check out the video of a past feature creature here!

 Dive Profile

Tank Mixture
Air, 21% Oxygen

Charter Service
Captain Slate’s Atlantis Dive Center

Boat Description and Amenities
it will be one of three 40′ Commercial Work Boats, ocean going single hull all fiberglass boats. All three are designed for diving, with walk through transoms, 6′ wide boarding ladders, showers, built in tank racks, complete dive vessels designed to accommodate divers in comfort

Drinking Water
US Coast Guard Approved Vessel

All divers will be responsible to rent or bring their own equiptment including: Mask, Fins, Snorkle, BC, Regulator with Pressure and Depth Gauge, Timing Device, tanks (with appropriate NITROX mix if applicable), and weights.

Special Scuba Cat Member Rate

Regular cost= 90$ + tax with tanks
55$/ diver for charter AND tanks (includes tax and tip!)
20$ for BC & REG or 13$ each piece separetly. 

These rates are only through the club! Contact the club to set it up.


Your password provided to you after you paid your membership is required to sign up for the dive!

67$/ diver for charter AND tanks (includes tax and no tip) Sign up here!
You do not save any $ for bringing your own tanks

Decompression status and repetitive dive plans
All dives are planned for no decompression

Special Safety procedures
Predive Briefing
Arrangement of dive buddies. No club member can dive alone.
Dive buddy checks

Emergency Contacts

Recompression Chambers: Click here to see the list
Hospital& Police: 911
Divers Alert Network: 1-919-684-9111

 Any hazardous conditions anticipated
All divers will adhere to the Clubs Safe Diving Practices. Emergency oxygen for first aid will be available aboard the boat, and on shore if shore dive.

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