South Beach- Biscayne Wreck & Reef

Saturday     6/18/2011

7:30 Am
Check in at store for waivers and gear rental at 7:45 a.m.

Dive Location

Tarpoon Dive Center
RJ Diving Ventures
Boat docked at Miami Beach Marina
300 Alton Road
Miami Beach  FL 33139

From I-95, exit eastbound on I-395 (MacArthur Causway) to Miami Beach. Turn right after the big bridge on Alton Road for one block, then turn right into Miami Beach Marina, 300 Alton Road. You will see our boat directly in front on you on the dock where you can pull up and unload your gear. We are by Tarpoon Dive Shop and Monty’s. Parking is next door in the lot next to Monty’s.

Approximate Number of Proposed Divers

Required Diving Qualification
Open Water, certified to 60 ft

Dive Site
Biscayne Wreck followed by  the a reef (emeral Reef or captains choice)

(I cant find a great picture of it, Lets go there and take our own!)

The Biscayne Wreck was one of local fisherman’s best kept secrets from 1974 until 1980. A 120 foot freighter that was once used to transport bananas between Caribbean islands, later becoming of Miami’s first artificial reefs on a stormy December evening.

Confiscated at Watson Island for financial reasons, a group of local fisherman purchased the “Banana Freighter,” as it is often referred to, and decided to sink it themselves as a fishing site off Key Biscayne in approximately 250 feet of water. However, when they towed it out and opened the hatch doors to let it sink, the storm grew and the ship took much longer than expected to come to it’s final rest. The driving wind and rain pushed the freighter closer and closer to shore and finally slipped to the bottom in only 55 feet of water, making it the perfect wreck for divers!

There is approximately 15 feet of relief to look for on your depth recorder. It has a huge cargo hold which is easily penetrated and often full of bait fish. Full of color for the photo enthusiast after decades on the bottom, this is also an excellent dive for novices or someone who has not gotten wet in awhile.

Lots of fish, a picturesque bow and shallow depths afford a lengthy dive with numerous photo ops as well as great marine life including numerous moray eels that live throughout the ship.

Compete finding trash and lionfish in the following reef dive to win Prizes in our semester long tournament!

Dive Profile

Tank Mixture
Air, 21% Oxygen.

Charter Service
RJ Diving Ventures, Inc.
Special Rates on BC, Reg, Weights, & tanks via Tarpoon Diving Center

Boat Description and Amenities

Big Com-Oceanis a 46-foot custom Newton dive boat, built in Slidell, Louisiana in May 2004 and designed to make diving comfortable and fun for divers of all experience levels. She uses twin 3126 Caterpillar engines at 385 hp each, giving us speeds of over 20 knots with a full load of divers. She has 2 levels so that our guests can enjoy plenty of sunshine or stay in the shade!

They carry a full first aid kit aboard, a backboard, and plenty of oxygen in the unlikely event of a diving accident.

The vessel has a clean and accessible marine head as well as fresh water showers. We provide cold, filtered drinking water with cups as well as a larger cooler with ice. You may bring whatever you like for diving nourishment. There is a deli market at the marina for sandwiches, snacks and drinks. Many divers bring a beer or two to keep in the cooler for après dive enjoyment! US Coast Guard Approved Vessel.

All divers will be responsible to rent or bring their own equiptment including: Mask, Fins, Snorkle, BC, Regulator with Pressure and Depth Gauge, a timing device, tanks (with appropriate NITROX mix if applicable), and weights.

 Special Scuba Cat Member Rate

Regular cost= 64$  or 82.7$ with tanks (non-member friends can join us here)
Scuba Cats dive for
45$/diver for charter (includes tax and tip!) 30% savings!
63$/diver for charter with tanks (includes tax and tip!)
Rental equiptment specials:
10$ for any piece of equiptment (reg, BC, wetsuit)
8$ Air tank
If you own your own tanks, the club will fill them for free before or after the dive (contact me to arrange this)
Contact the club to set it up.These rates are only through the club!

Your password provided to you after you paid your membership is required to sign up for the dive!


Decompression status and repetitive dive plans
All dives are planned for no decompression

Special Safety procedures
Predive Briefing
Arrangement of dive buddies. No club member can dive alone.
Dive buddy checks

Emergency Contacts

Recompression Chambers: Click here to see the list
Hospital& Police: 911
Divers Alert Network: 1-919-684-9111

Any hazardous conditions anticipated
All divers will adhere to the Clubs Safe Diving Practices. Emergency oxygen for first aid will be available aboard the boat, and on shore if shore dive.

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