Spiegel Grove

F.I.U. SCUBA Cats Club
F.I.U. Advanced Class

Spiegal Grove Day & Night Dive

Friday      7/15/2011
Please register before  7/14/11

Time Schedule
1800– Briefing and Waivers (6:00 pm)
1900 – Boat Departs (7:00 pm)
2130– Boat Returns (9:30 pm)
2200 – Debrief and dinner  (10:00 pm)

Dive Charter &  Location

Florida Keys Dive Center
90451 Old Highway,
Tavernier, FL 33070-2349

M. M. 90.5, Oceanside

How to get there:
Keep coming south on US 1 to Mile Marker 90.5.  You will have gone over the Tavernier Creek Bridge.  At the stoplight, we are on your left with a mural of two dolphins and a diver on the side of the building.

Approximate Number of Proposed Divers

Required Diving Qualification
NITROX Advanced Open Water, certified to 130 ft.

Dive Site

Spiegel Grove Day & Night Dive!

The USS Spiegel Grove is a Landing Ship Dock (LSD 32),
which has been sunk to create an artificial reef in Key Largo.
The vessel is 510 feet in length, 84 feet wide.

The largest vessel ever intentionally sunk is the USS Spiegel Grove, a 510-foot landing ship dock. To give a better visual understanding of the immensity of this ship, she is roughly equivalent in length to two football fields.

The Spiegel Grove was named after President Rutherford B. Hayes’s Ohio estate and was launched in 1955. She was later cleaned and sunk in 2002 in 130-feet of water near Dixie Shoals in Key Largo. Depths range from 60 to 130 feet with the majority of the ship lying between 80 and 90 feet.

The sinking of the Spiegel Grove is an extraordinary tale. Her sinking was scheduled for Friday, May 17, 2002 at approximately 2:00pm. However, she had a mind of her own and prematurely began to sink, rolled over, and remained upside down for several days with her bow protruding from the water. A salvage team managed to fully sink the vessel three weeks later, but she came to rest on her starboard side rather than keel-up as hoped. Later efforts to right the ship failed despite the best efforts of all involved, including two very determined tugs. Then three years later, much to the surprise of the entire diving community, Hurricane Dennis righted the 510-foot ship with seas over 20 feet and a driving current. She now rests keel-up, fully dignified and ready for new adventures!
Mooring buoys allow divers an easy tie-in and a steady hold. The lines are attached to the ship and allow divers to travel down them until they reach the hull. This is a very popular site. Divers will need multiple dives to become oriented and it may take countless dives for one to be able to experience all that this massive vessel has to offer. This is a great dive for using multi-level diving techniques and offers an incredible opportunity for exploration and excitement.
This is a dive not to be missed. The reef formation that has arisen is impressive and has fostered growth of much pelagic life.

Dive Profile

Double deep in Spiegel Grove!

Second dive is at night to turn on the lights!!


East to southeast winds less than 10 knots. Seas 1 to 3 feet

Tank Mixture
NITROX, 31% Oxygen

Boat Description and Amenities
They are proud to say that they now have 2 – 46′ newton custom dive boats. The Orion, which is our newest as well as the Big Dipper. These 49 passenger (36 diver) state of the art, speedster allows us to access all of the best dive sites in the Key Largo and the Middle Keys from Pennekamp Park down to the reefs of Islamorada

US Coast Guard Approved Vessel, they provide fresh fruit, water, showers.

Special Scuba Cat Member Rate

Regular cost= 85$ + tax with tanks
Scuba Cats dive for
46$/diver for charter (includes tax and tip!) ~42% savings!
62$/diver for charter with tanks (includes tax and tip!)

Friends of the Club members can join us too!

58$/diver for charter (includes tax and no tip!)
73.48$/diver for charter with tanks (includes tax and no tip!)

Rental equiptment specials:
Equiptment rental specials are being arranged for you with the dive shop if you need it.

All divers will be responsible to rent or bring their own equiptment including: Mask, Fins, Snorkle, BC, Regulator with Pressure and Depth Gauge, Timing Device, tanks (with appropriate NITROX mix if applicable), LIGHTS and weights.

Decompression status and repetitive dive plans
All dives are planned for no decompression

Special Safety procedures
Predive Briefing
Arrangement of dive buddies. No club member can dive alone.
Dive buddy checks

Emergency Contacts

Recompression Chamber: Click here to see the list
Hospital & Police: 911
Divers Alert Network:  1-919-684-9111

Any hazardous conditions anticipated
Mild to strong current.
All divers will adhere to the Clubs Safe Diving Practices. Emergency oxygen for first aid will be available aboard the boat.

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